Sunday, September 27, 2009

We've got to change our point of view, if we want the sky blue


It's been marked down to $30 at Urban Outfitters!  Why is this not in my closet yet?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

"She can't hold a candle to the beauty of your smile!" - "How about a pulse?" - "Overrated by a mile!"

All I can say is yes, YES, YES!
The October Issue of Harper's Bazaar has an editorial dedicated to the films of Tim Burton.  Let's take a look shall we?  Here's a few to cleanse the pallet...

 The rest...

Besides beautiful clothes the images and the scenery are stunning.  The skeleton puppets would make Harryhausen proud.  Tim's cameo's are so...Tim.  I bet Karen Elson is reeling for not getting this a few years ago. 
November 22nd cannot come soon enough!

Don't forget, March 5th!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Look of the Week: Spotlight

Lauren Santo Domingo - AKA Lauren Davis
Contributing editor to Vogue - all around awesome human being

Thank you for being the enablers in the addiction.

In the new issue of Vogue (Michelle Williams cover) there are some awesome shots of LSD/LD that I could not get online YET.  Soon.
This is how you do "understated elegance" not whatever the hell it is Jennifer Aniston is doing (I believe the proper word here is "boring")
Also anyone who wears this many midcalf length dresses and skirts must be cool.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Citizen Kane

I have been an avid Christopher Kane fan for awhile now and his new collection is no exception - UH - MAH - ZING

some favorites:

(clicky for fulls)


You can now buy his capsule collection at Top Shop

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wen u cme ina mi romping shop

This is a post about Rompers...a very LONG post about have bee warned.

I own one so far - that I totally love - I bought it right after I said "Okay I'm just going to try one on, it'll probably look terrible but I just want to see what it looks like" - BOOM new romper

Terrible picture but my camera's dead so I can't take another (now you get to see my room!)
This was right after the Glee event at my mall (awesome) hence the pins and Gleek shirt underneath

Again, at the Glee event (with the most terrible cheerleaders this world has ever known) and Tracey's cut out (sorry babe <3)
don't knock the outfit I wanted to be colorful! I hardly ever wear those eattings and I don't know what so I decided to give them their dues - and that necklace is "Special" - post on the later

All pictures can - and should be - clicked on for full size

My romper is from H&M and it's AMAZING.  But enough about me, lets check out some more
Follow me...!

Took this during my week at LIM (Labratory Institute of Merchandising) one of the only girls during that entire week who had something interesting and different on - way to beat the heat in awesomness girl!

Let's check out some of my favorite from the one and only Modcloth -

annnnnnnnnnnnd some famous people...

 Leighton Meester is always a good place to start

Bianca Drawstring Romper, Julie Haus, $305; at

Ashlee Simpson gets a special section because first of all, I love her, secondly she wore two rompers when she was promoting Melrose Place that were just so perfect and everything a romper should be.  Much love girl, keep up the good work.
Ashlee's first outfit is from Jill Stuart

And the rest...

Beyonce, Kate Walsh, and Dakota Fanning all looking amazing.

All pictures can - and should be - clicked on for full size

Photos of me by Me
Girl on Street by Me
(all can be found on my facebook)
Rompers from Modcloth (
Girl in romper courtesy of Flickr (link: above)
Celebrity photos courtesy of

The formatting on this post got a little screwy - SORRY

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Don't Be the Bunny

i had a body epiphany today, for the first time I not only liked my body, I realized it could be covetted.  This sounds bad I know but this is HUGE, not only for me but for average teenage girls everywhere.  I have wider hips and thighs in comparison to my top and I have average maybe a little on the small side boobs.  In the right clothes/bra however, everything balances out.  I'm not going to say it's a Christina Hendricks thing (i wish) but it's similar.  I was sitting in the dressing room at Urban Outfitters and I liked everything about my face; i didn't mind the bags under my eyes, think that my mouth was too small, or that my short short hair made me any less feminine and attractive.
What did I immediately do after this revelation? ...figure out how to dress it for a certain guy.  i sicken myself sometimes.  I sat there thinking about what I would wear on certain meetings and what I would do when he saw me with my new found confidence in my hot dress.
I'm such a chick

DO NOT DO THIS.  what matters is how good we feel about ourselves!  I don't have a boyfriend, I don't have a job, they only person I have to dress up for is myself.
UGH, don't get me wrong, I LOVE the dress I ended up getting.  I would have loved it even if I still thought my body was weird.  I will admit it was bought with certain events in mind but hopefully the nect tiem I put it on (tomorrow) I can enjoy my own confidence In it, and any compliments I get from dudes or chicks will be towards my own self esteem and well being - not proof that a certain guy should "totally be into me"


My camera's down for the moment but I'll leave you with The Babe herself...


I can't wait until the boy trouble are no more - i really felt like I had grown up a bit.  Maybe I'm taking this to seriously but COME ON - I cant even buy a sale dress without consulting my inner guymeter.
It is a really cute dress though :D