Friday, September 11, 2009

Look of the Week: A Day Late

okay so I've been busy for the past week (I'm sorry, I may be a senior but I'm not out of the woods yet) and i TOTALLY forgot yesterday was thursday aka Look of the Week Day so here's a double post

Eva Mendes in Calvin Klein Fall 2009 and Cartier jewlery
Normally I'm not a fan of EM's style, whenever she's dressed by someone else, she looks stunning, but when she gets the chance to critique her former looks in magazines, she never likes them and only likes the things she's picked out which never look as good or sometimes good at all.  Also anyone that would do those greasy n00dz is kind of...ugh anyone I don't find those hot at all. Plus anyone who says a look of their own "too Cindy Crawford" is going to irk me. end rant.  ANYWAY, lately all she seems to be doing is dressing herself, which is why if that is the case here, BRAVO EVA.  Everything looks perfect, this is probably the best I've ever seen her look.  Whatever you're doing or whoever you're paying, keep it up!

EEN or OUT-T:  Pan Am Bags (Classic Shape)

I love these, I think they're classic and yet they were ahead of there time.  The original blue is always the best but other colors are not bad, neon will take the look to an eighties level with the patent leather which is not somehwere I think these little guys want to fly to.  I'm a purest so I love the classic shape but the duffle bags and other stles are not bad.   They have a certain something that allows them to be cool, but a lot of people can pull them off, and there's not enough irony for them to become hipster thang.
I have to say though, as much as I love him I did not dig the Marc Jacobs version, your sig ruined it buddy, sorry. 
For the cute one up top, of course Modcloth
For original originals, ebay magic my friends... eBay
For originals and other awesome Pan Am stuff... Pan Am Official

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