Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wen u cme ina mi romping shop

This is a post about Rompers...a very LONG post about have bee warned.

I own one so far - that I totally love - I bought it right after I said "Okay I'm just going to try one on, it'll probably look terrible but I just want to see what it looks like" - BOOM new romper

Terrible picture but my camera's dead so I can't take another (now you get to see my room!)
This was right after the Glee event at my mall (awesome) hence the pins and Gleek shirt underneath

Again, at the Glee event (with the most terrible cheerleaders this world has ever known) and Tracey's cut out (sorry babe <3)
don't knock the outfit I wanted to be colorful! I hardly ever wear those eattings and I don't know what so I decided to give them their dues - and that necklace is "Special" - post on the later

All pictures can - and should be - clicked on for full size

My romper is from H&M and it's AMAZING.  But enough about me, lets check out some more
Follow me...!

Took this during my week at LIM (Labratory Institute of Merchandising) one of the only girls during that entire week who had something interesting and different on - way to beat the heat in awesomness girl!

Let's check out some of my favorite from the one and only Modcloth -

annnnnnnnnnnnd some famous people...

 Leighton Meester is always a good place to start

Bianca Drawstring Romper, Julie Haus, $305; at

Ashlee Simpson gets a special section because first of all, I love her, secondly she wore two rompers when she was promoting Melrose Place that were just so perfect and everything a romper should be.  Much love girl, keep up the good work.
Ashlee's first outfit is from Jill Stuart

And the rest...

Beyonce, Kate Walsh, and Dakota Fanning all looking amazing.

All pictures can - and should be - clicked on for full size

Photos of me by Me
Girl on Street by Me
(all can be found on my facebook)
Rompers from Modcloth (
Girl in romper courtesy of Flickr (link: above)
Celebrity photos courtesy of

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