Tuesday, April 6, 2010



Lost in the sense that a person who is on the operating table whose "gone" is "lost".  It didn't get up and wander off when I was in the other room and hasn't heeded my cries of "Computer? Hard Drive? All of the files I've been saving for the past 5 years?"
I've been rebuilding while also attempting to get into colleges (Arcadia University and Cazenovia College are a GO so far!) so that's why I haven't been here.  I'm just forgetting about the rest of the award shows because there's too much to do and too much back tracking that would have to happen to do it.  Next season, I promise. 

Time for me to turn you onto another blog! Wait...why would I do that?  Oh right, it's completely and utterly STELLAR.
This is a site dedicated to awesome moms and the awesome kids that love them.  It showcases their mom's (and sometimes grandmom's) style and includes a little blub about the strong woman in question.  Urban Outfitters is doing a piece in cooperation with them and the latest New York Mag Weddings issue is too (LOVE IT)
There has yet to be a post on this site that hasn't inspired me and or tickled my fancy.
I <3 moms.  I'll be finding a couple of pictures of my own (and maybe grandma too) and sending them in.  You should too!

Finally just a (mental) image that I love:
[At first glance, Melissa's parents look like any spirited beatnick youngsters who may or may not know how to play the dulcimer. But take a closer look at her mom's shoes. Says Melissa: "the bows would come off and inside each bow was a little tube of lipstick in a colour that was complimentary with the lovely orange/green/yellow hues of the dress.'"

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