Saturday, January 23, 2010

The other GG: Post One

Whoops, this took awhile.  College aps are the Grendel to my otherwise Beowulf like demeanor.

The Globes where great!  Surprisingly great!  Ricky Gervais was hilarious (of course) some great people won and some adorable/touching speeches were made.  I know they're usually the butt of award show jokes but I think they've been getting steadily better and more credible as the years go on.  Oh, and the people looked GREAT.
And can we just point out how awesome all the color was?

Shall we?

Christian Lacroix Spring 2009 Couture
I know, the first thing I post isn't purple after I make a point of picking it out, but Diane Kruger KILLED IT.
She looked absolutely amazing; the asymmetric neckline and bodice was so intricate and different, not only for that carpet but just in general.  The shots of white were so welcome as opposed to black or another pink, between the bow, the clutch, and her adorable ballerina-esque jewelry, she gleamed.  The ombre-without-being-ombre effect was great, because I've been getting a little tired of that anyway.  The lack of train did not detract from the almost regal quality it possessed.  Yes, I said regal, in the land of Far Far Awesomay.

BOW DOWN.  Extra Kudos to Rose Byrne for braving the rain with that hair, I watched the tables like a hawk during the mingle cam sessions and reactions shots and I noticed that it stayed perfectly in place all night, you go Rose Byrne's hair (team).  She was the first person I saw (after Maria Menunos) and she really set the bar for the whole night.  Dictionary definition of Elegance (yes, with a capital E).  The color is outstanding on just about anyone but it might as well be named Byrne because you couldn't have picked anything better.  Her hair is a great retro look but her color(s) make it modern.  

Christian Siriano - edited
One of the best non Mad Men things she's worn.  Christina Hendricks would be sexy in a potato sack (Two Project Runway references in 2.4 seconds) and that seems to frequently be what she gravitates to.  Some people say she looks stuffed into this but that how she looks in ANYTHING, she would look stuffed into a mens 3XL tshirt.  The color plays off her skin and hair beautifully and I think shows off her curves to the best of their advantage.  The sharp clutch is a nice contrast to the floaty dress.  Snaps for not only letting your hair down but also for doing it in such a modern way.  These actors become so attached to their characters that people usually don't like seeing them without their suits, twinsets, full skirts, and bouffants so GO CHRISTINA!  Love her lipstick color too.

Never looked better.  The color, the hair, the makeup, jewlery, pose, and the dress itself.  Awesome.  I love when people wear shorter dresses to the Globes as much as I love the awesome gowns that are worn.  Are those shoes high enough?

Post two coming soon
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