Friday, April 9, 2010

Can't get enough of this site

Okay so I already commented on this (on their site) with a necklace suggestion but I want to provide some more because - I love it

"The first thing you should understand about Justice Hall's mom: she's 17 in this picture. When I was 17 I still hadn't learned how to look directly into the camera, and you better believe I wasn't bold enough to blow up and sex out my hair and be all "what?" But Mrs. Hall was born with style chutzpah. That's probably why she became a cosmetology teacher who taught hair stylists how to do what she was doing as a freaking teenager." 

I adore her necklace as well so I'm on the hunt for a substitute - there's something almost Star Trek about hers which is the aesthetic I would love to duplicate but frankly sci-fi jewelery is hard to come by...

 LOVE THIS ONE.  It's so delicate yet has a presence and a strength that says it WILL get noticed - and I love that you could hang a pendant from it or keep it as is.

Just incase you want something a little more subtle.

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