Sunday, April 25, 2010

Project Runway Post


Now I'm not going to post a million pictures because you can find those anywhere (although I will say the best place to get them is here) There's just one thing I wanted to point out that I hadn't noticed until my 5th reviewing of his collection...

He did not go for the skinniest models in the room.  These girls are skinny no doubt, but so often on project runway the designers just make the smallest sizes they can and then get the skinniest "highest fashion" models they can, and then half the time their garments don't even fit those models.  Rookie designers don't want to look like rookie designers so they hope to hide that behind professional looking models but then if you're not a good enough seamstress, it shows right away because either everything's too big or too tight.  SA is a fantastic tailor and put the clothes on girls who could wear them best and I really think it helped him. 

Maybe it's because he's straight or maybe it's because he has a teenage daughter at home and (like many of us) can't stand seeing the emaciated girls.  Whatever it was, good call Seth A.

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