Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Can I just say that this whole not being involved with this page at all thing was totally not my fault.  Yeah.
Did that sound convincing?  HA, it's the internet so you can't hear what a bad actress I am.  I sound like Meryl Streep right now bitches.  Read this in her voice.
And now I'm Katharine Hepburn.  Boom.  Oh god, this voice is getting annoying fast.
Angie Harmon, Now that's a voice.  feel free to read the rest of this post as if I'm married to Jason Sehorn. 

Okay this is getting weird, anywho let's just do a quick little post to show I'm still alive while I prepare a long one.
While on I was looking up lingerie inspired pieces in the Power Search (don't ask, this is what I do) and I found this
from Narciso Rodriguez' Resort 2011 show.  And I was...perplexed. 
This has got to be one the the blandest garments I've even seen.  There's no style, no ingenuity it's just there.  And under the Lingerie umbrella?  Oh look he put tiny slits under the boobs, cutout's are cool right?  That's what all the younger designers are doing!  They're so small they just look like rips.  I understand that resort collections are not the pinnacle of New but this is a total cop out, a filler piece.  It's like adding an extra syllable to a word or just another sound to fill out a line in a sonnet or a song, and I cannot text you with a drink in my hand, eh.
I knew I had to see the rest of the collection to see if any effort was exerted of if the whole thing was in fact done in one sitting on a chaise lounge.
I want it perfectly understood that this is a FIFTEEN look collection.  15.
It's not that he ran out of ideas, HE NEVER HAD ANY IN THE FIRST PLACE.  I'm sorry, I'm all of more minimalist or classic shapes, but this is just pathetic.  If this is all you got than just cancel the Collection for this year, you've got plenty of other opportunities to try again.  Missing a made up season is better than putting this out there, these "looks" are embarrassing.  This entire collection has little tiny bits to try and trick you into thinking it's fashion, or that it's even cool.  Lies.
Whoah crazy a ONE SHOULDER DRESS, but here's the clincher, it's white.  Crazy!
That teal one is just ugly.  #4 is actually pretty, but that's it.  It's pretty and it's a low slung robe with a contrasting belt.
The next one I just...I can't.  #6 ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
And the last one - this was the closing look, this was the last thing people saw when they left his showroom.  That.  My elementary school art teacher wore that exact same thing, right when she was telling us to paint with our senses and we were still learning what the senses were.  Then we just drew imaginary dinosaurs for the rest of the week.

I grow weary.  The long drawn out mega couture post is coming within

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