Sunday, May 9, 2010

Looks for Us from Them

The Doors had a style that exuded manly urges, however their style is also something that can (and should) be easily rocked by the XX chromo set.  Before we dive into what we in this day and age can do to become riders on the storm, let's take a look back to the original Lizard King and his lizard princes.
Many pictures will be made smaller to save space - I'd suggest clicking on each of them just in case there are some details you're missing. 

Densmore is ROCKING the black socks and sandals.

See what I mean?  You can do that!  Light wash straight leg jeans?  Big belts?  Stripes? Boot, Blazers, Velor?  We've got this!
Let's focus on an important one right now - the leather jacket.  These aren't your run of the mill motorcycle jackets.  We're talking various shades of shearling, big buttons, and nice fits - none of this hanging down in front like most of the ones you see today.  Tons of zippers are not welcome.  Wearing this look with a leather bottom is not only welcome - it's encouraged - although I wouldn't expect everyone to partake in such an in-your-face BAMF look.  Most of us are more subtle in our badassness.
One idea is to get a small Men's when trying to recreate the Morisson jacket - you'll get that nice square shape, but you have to make sure it's a narrow Men's.  Somes Ideas...

Totally awesome, I mean really.  Expensive though, is it worth it?  You tell me.  Maybe they have super great sales. Cabelas

Get your 70's on -  This is similar to the jacket you see Jim wearing in front of the Hard Rock Cafe.  Also on the likes of just about every famous person in the 1970's from Ali McGraw to Paul McCartney.  This one's a lot cheaper BTW.

This jacket is gorgeous!  It's new but just looks vintage - all the way from Korea.  It costs 10 bucks but 25 to ship.  I love you Ebay

Keep in mind when looking for jackets like these on Ebay and other vintage haunts.  80's leather jackets are much easier to find than 60's or 70's and they are very VERY different.  Be specific.  Make sure their are a lot of pictures or that they are honest about any imperfections - you may want to get it dry cleaned before you wear it - sometimes that old leather smell can't be helped.
Something I've come across is that the better the sellers pictures are (especially if they have their clothes on people on not just a hanger in their closet) the better their stuff is.  They're real sellers - not just people trying to get rid of old junk.

Blazers.  I know it seems like the anti-Doors but it doesn't just take some fancy shades and a Wurlitzer to get the Ray Manzarek swagger.  At least three buttons and up high.  Fitted like a prom dress and just as many color variations.

Next on the agenda - shoes.  Suede Suede Suede! Urban Outfitters is definitely going to be your friend in this department - their shoe colletions are predominately based in this era.  Boots; slight heel - think cowboy boot height, neutrals - more often than not there's nothing fancy there.  Loafers; this is where the unique lines, stitching, and color comes in.  Again - UO is very helpful.
Walabees really hit their stride around this time:

You can still pick them up in a multitude of earth tones wherever Clarks are sold.

I'm largely going to leave the shoes up to you because I feel like shoe buying is a very personal and spiritual experience and one should not be forced into choosing a particular pathI would however like to draw your attention to these from UO.  Black socks are your call.  $28!

Shirts:  Stock up on Henleys, striped button ups, and poet peasant blousesMoroccan influences welcome, along with Mandarin collars.  These can be found anywhere and everywhere, although I would suggest sticking to earth tones and blues. and their catalog have great bohemian tops.

Done for today - there may be a part two.
This post was way too long but oh well - I'd rather have 2 long as opposed to 12 short entries.

There will also be a Pam Courson post - WOOT!

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