Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Looks for Us from Them: The Doors pt. 2

Hey hey!  Here it is! The second and last part of The Doors fashion post - Okay that's a lie I'm doing a Pamela Courson post soon as well - but according to the documentary When You're Strange (which I'm halfway through watching right now) she didn't exist!  Okay they don't say that but she hasn't popped up yet, which is weird, but maybe they get to her later on.  Maybe.

Pants: There is of course - the Lizard King leathers - but for now let's focus on the baby blues
Doors Jeans; they don't need any flare, literally.  The should be straight and high, just like the band.  Kreiger had some nice bleach stained ones that are coming back into popularity anyway so you can (and should) be right on that.
Levi's is of course, here to serve:

I can hear some of you saying, "But Eleanor, anyone can wear straight leg jeans.  It doesn't mean I'm getting into the spirit of late sixties - early seventies Rock and Roll."  Well look no further!
That's hot.  Matching floral top not included.

Okay now, the ultimate piece of Jim Morrison gear.  Besides the vacant expression, flowing locks, pouty lips, and shirts that were on a Shakespearean level of draped poufyness, Jim Morrison's look was know for his skin tight, vulgarly creased, and wonderfully accessorized leather pants.  Now this next section is going to be tough - if you find something better let me know.  I'm going to do the best I can without actually going to an Adult website.  

$60 Kenneth Cole ya'll!

Quick shout out to the popular striped pants of the time (much like the Bardot ones I showed you a few posts back) with some particularly adventurous pairs.  Just for funz...

I was so distracted by the stripes and just just FINDING the damn leather pants that I forgot about Jim's #1 leather pants accessory!  No not THAT, creeper.  The belts!

Moving right along...
So I've only seen one picture with this but I love it so much that I'm including it (you find any other pictures send them right along)

Always remember the main colors of your outfit should be browns, blues, whites, and maybe a dash of a bright blue, pink, or red. When in doubt - rock a sweet pair of aviators and let your aloof attitude carry you through (to the other side).  Well that's me finished.  Now off with you - go explore the world as a new honorary member of The Doors.  Stay in school kids, don't do drugs, don't hitchhike, and always know what pills you're taking.  

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