Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Swear...(EDITED)

I Kristen Stewart wears a short, tight dress with one or two long sleeves on it - I'm gonna flip
The whit one she wore to the first Eclipse premier?
I actually LEGIT could not believe how good she looked - sure it was the same thing she always wears (atleast it wasn't black!) but it fit well and she (almost) looked comfortable in it!
But this is all she ever wears! And it's all she continues to wear.  It, like just about everything else she does, is such a cop-out, she's just being low maintenance for the sake of being low maintenance.  Her other variation?  The oh-so flattering straight across strapless/small strap neckline on something short and tight.  And then there's all the black.  I'm not saying she needs a ball gown with wedding cake ruffles and feathers on her head, NO, I just said she looked great in this!  She just needs something different!  She's almost been showing signs of a personality lately and her new hair color is really cute (see! I can be nice)
I'll spare you the rest of the picture because I'm trying to save space and you know what she's wearing (if you don't, take a wild guess - go on, I'll give you three chances)
Cute! HAIR and a real smile...?
Okay she's short, really skinny, and has barely and figure - she can pull off this look (sort of) but that doesn't mean that's all she can do!  She had the same figure as Ashlee Simpson - or what Nicole Richie had before her babies - or what half of Hollywood has.  I'm not saying she has to look like the rest of them (goodness no!) but SHE WEARS THE SAME THING ALL THE TIME AND SHE'S TERRIBLE AT POSING WHICH IS SOMETHING THIS DRESS CAN NOT AND WILL NOT TOLERATE.
Try something right above your knee!  If it fits right you wont look short.  Try draping, an interesting neckline, COLOR, embellishment, smiling more! Something!  Just because I don't enjoy you at all doesn't mean I think you should keep doing this to yourself.
It's not helping that oh-so-stellar public image of yours. This looks like "I don't want to be here; I hate the fact that I am here; they just slapped this dress on me and now I would like to leave; when are you going to start treating me like a serious actress?"
Maybe if you started taking your big break, and all the people that got you there seriously - we would do the same for you.  Until then, leave your angst on the set, because you certainly need it there.

I have just been alerted to this set of pictures from KS's recent trip to the Today Show
BETTER.  Makeup is good, hair is still good, dress is BETTER (shoes are blegh but I never gave her any instructions for shoes so how is she to know?) and a smile
Now this a few steps in the right direction - but we still need color, the absence of color is not the same as not wearing black.  Still fits a little weird too.  I'M JUST SAYIN
and is it too much to ask for jewelery? (whoa, I've gotta slow down; one step at a time Eleanor)

no really, B+ for effort K-Stew (B = begrudgingly by me)

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