Saturday, June 28, 2008

I love lamp

As you can see, movies are important to me.

but FASHION, in movies, music, subways, plays, trains, and automobiles
now that's a passion I pursue daily.
To quote one of the greatest combinations of the two (The Devil Wear Prada), "That is why [fashion] is greater then art, because you live your life in it"

Fashion is present when you create the famous art. Fashion sees the creations the same time you do.

Fashion in movies is particularly sweet. Sometimes you remember that amazing gown, and not the chase scene, or the love triangle.
You can carry the characters with you by stealing their outfits or wearing a costume on Halloween. We can't all have an robotic hippogriff, but a Gryffindor robe and tie? Lie to us all and say you've never owned or wanted one.

Now that we're done for the day I'll leave you with this...

Man on train-"Don't take that tone with me young man. I fought the war for your sort."
Ringo- "Bet you're sorry you won"

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